2011 Best Screen Cap / Casting Software?

I used camstudio beta something before, but it’s always losing it’s settings every time I update divx, or just not use it for a few weeks it just forgets.

anything better these days, like a lot better?

I would really like one that does gifs or just png high quality so I don’t have to mess with codecs, and I actually found one linked from a sec tools site that is decent but I can’t tell it size, so it’s not really relevant, even though if I have to I can probably use it with gimp.

*I want to record lissajous curves in renoise’s phasemeter in real time maybe 30+fps?

I just recommended this in another thread (and disclosed that I worked for the company that makes it) but Jing is free, works on PC and Mac, creates png screenshots and videos up to 5 minutes.

(videos are .swf files in the free version)

Camtasia Studio/Camtasia For Mac is our pro screencasting offering; they have way more options for polishing your presentation but aren’t free.

P.S. Camstudio is not one of our products.