22 years of producing: 135 songs in Best Of So Far (EatMe 1997-2019c) @ eatme.bandcamp.com

http://eatme.pro/bo - Best Of So Far (EatMe 1997-2019c)

135 of my best tracks on bandcamp.

please show your support. get EatMe a fair (record) deal.

you can download this whole Best Of So Far (EatMe 1997-2019c) for free.

22 years of producing under the alias “EatMe”, a discography of about 330 tracks.


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ohhhhh!!! there is so much to take in, and I like what I’m hearing so far, but I also just wanted to say real quick that your website is AWESOME.

It reminds me of the parts of web dev I still love and always will love. You know, the hand-crafted stuff, no messing about with docker and npm, just a bunch of files. Love your sitemaker, too, though I don’t need it, just the idea, it’s wonderful.

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+1 :drummer: :heart: for neinMC

I wish you another 22+ years of producing my friend.

Thank you stoiximan, it is my ultimate wish to compose 200 to 300 more songs in the next 22+ years.