2nd Renoise Track

Just played around with some samples. Its a bit quiet and if you have a clue how to increase the volume let me know ;)


It’s a nice track with a good sound, but it doesn’t really go anywhere. The beat is quite jolly but needs some variation through the arrangement, the bongos (or whatever they are) could be more prominent. The vocal is not to my liking but I think you did well with what you have, layering and so on. Ever listen to Fela Kuti?

One thing: the bass should be louder in the mix! It’s good stuff, don’t waste it! :P

Aye Sir… :) Thank you very much :drummer:


Just tried to give the bass some serious boost. I dont know if you want to know the details but a stereo expander, alot of compression and a bit distortion are involved… ;)

Arrangementwise its still the same dull crap… :lol:

old: http://amok.ziphoid.com/Africa.mp3

new: http://amok.ziphoid.com/Nadeya.mp3

So what do you think about the bass now?

EDIT: changed the bassline and the compression on the bassline itself

Added some details to make it less repetitive… At least i hope so… :P


Update: http://amok.ziphoid.com/Nadeya7.mp3