[3.0] Impulse responses


here’s a site that links to some free impulse responses for the new Convolver plugin.

Freeverb3 impulse response links

If anybody knows any more resources, feel free to post them.


You have to scroll down a bit to get to them, but there’s some really nice IR’s for guitar. I specifically like the guitar hack ones.

OpenAir has a growing library of IR’s(Just carefully observe the CC license)

When i googled it i found lots of free impulse responses. Don’t know which ones are good though, but there seems to a bit to choose from. :)

pretty cool stuff there

Rekkerd.org posts tagged as impulse responses

Adventure Kid Reverb impulse responses

i was thinking about starting a thread on this…

if anyone is looking for decent IRs of hardware reverb units, these two sites should give you enough fodder for the convolver (brilliant new device btw. simple but clever!)




for more adventureous stuff, i really like the Digital Synthesis ones from this guys site. pretty good for sound design.

Emmanuel Deruty

has anyone found a good resource for Amps / Cabinets IRs? (Edit: just openend the links you guys posted and saw some promissing stuff there. will check out…)

This guys stuff seems promising as well

Fokke van Saane

Note: not all of his libraries are in wav-format.

Thanks for the links Hypnoid :drummer:

funktion 1 stack in a London club:


these guys have the best microphone/cabinet irs i have seen on the net…there is a freebie version of their marshall cabinet with all the mics and placements you could ask for.

Nobody posted this?

Download GN’s Personal Lexicon 480L IR’s

too bad the loaded impulses don’t sound like they are suppossed to sound in a convolution reverb …

Is that in response to the IRs I posted, or to Renoise’s convolution in general?

convolver in general .

i hear that tape impulse responses also work with convolution reverbs… thank me later

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