[3.0] [Just a trick] Reverse Reverb with Convolver

Holy balls guys I don’t know why I never considered this, I saw someone mention it on another forum when google searching reverse delay vst’s and had to try it then I had to share it.

Easy enough: Get an impulse, reverse it, load it in convolver, set dry to off.

edit: meant to say set dry to off, not 0 db.

this sounds pretty cool
gonna try it out. thx for sharing.

Sounds interesting, never tried it before.

I was just thinking about this tonight and then came here and saw this thread. Time to give it a go.

ohh dude,in 2.8.1 this was harder:))

Why would you want to do it so complicated, couldn’t you just play the sample backwards, add reverb and render track to sample, then play the rendered sample backwards? :huh:

Yeah, right, and it will be called “sampling”. And in the video it is running live,so it’s possible to simply replace the sample, or change the tempo of the entire project without any changes in reverse reverb DSP chain. It is rather for a live performance. ;)

Ah, didn’t really pay much attention to the video, so this thing works live? That’s awesome.

Yep).I’ve create a theme with it somewhere in this forum,i think i need to share .xrns file there.But i can also share it here :yeah:/>