[3.0] Probabilistic Phrase Triggering

Firstly, we are able to use the MaYbe to trigger notes with a certain probability.
Secondly, we are able to stuff a lot of notes into a phrase and trigger the phrase with a single note

Combining these two, we can trigger phrases with a certain probability too.

This can create some pretty cool randomly mutating melodies and stuff, and retain a certain degree of structure (playing random predefined riffs and/or chords, not being limited by the single-note scope of the MaYbe command).

You’re welcome!

How to trigger phrase?

Simply with Yx in vol/pan column, if you want to mutually exclusive trigger one note on the whole line add 0y00 in the effect column, use yx in pan/vol column:
c-4 y8 e-4 y8 g-4 y8 0y00

I see, but you haven’t fully understood what I was saying. I’ll repeat; how to trigger a phrase I made?

With the key(s) you assigned the phrase to

Yup - personally, I have adopted an approach which assigns them to the lowest notes on the keyboard, to avoid blocking otherwise useful notes (as I rarely or never compose with anything between C-0 and C-2). But of course, they could be placed anywhere on the keyboard…

16 bar 1 looped phrase, no probabilistic phrases, but uses MaYbe,
just a demo of how humanized it sounds.

Its a big relief, not having to set things in stone all the time.

32 bars of clean and various dirty versions… glitchy.

EDIT: deleted xrns

Sorry if the mixes sound unbalanced (still mixing with headphones). Its a mutation from the glitchy post just above.

So… this is some cool shit, reminds me of street photography.

Thanks team for the early adoption, my only suggestion at the moment - Randomize Pattern Sequencer Playback.

So I can randomize the linear with ratio or weight, go from say classical to MaYbe chip, then MaYbe combined, then Maybe found sound, then Maybe electronic, then Maybe a remix of someone’s work, and so on and so forth.