3.0 - Sample Properties : sliders replaced by clicky buttons ...

Hi everyone,

I’ve been using renoise for nearly 2 years now, and since 3.0 something is really bugging me : the Sample Properties settings that no longer use sliders.

Most of all and especially the finetuning ! I hate those little buttons that move click by click, to me it seemed so natural in 2.8 to just move the slider until my ear was content with the tuning, often i even liked to look away from the screen while doing this.

Is there any way to configure these settings in the preferences ?

Secondly, I feel like I’m missing something as to not understanding this “improvement”, can someone shed some light please.



I hate those little buttons that move click by click (…)

Value boxes in Renoise can be adjusted in the following ways:

  • Left-click the [<][>] stepper buttons to change by a small amount.
  • Right-click the [<][>] stepper buttons to change by a large amount (context sensitive).
  • Drag the numerical value itself up/down as if it were a vertical slider.
  • Double-click the value to directly type in a new value.
  • Scroll your mousewheel over the value.
    Hopefully this shows that you don’t always have to click click click all the time :slight_smile:

(Well, still some clicking, obviously. I just mean that you don’t have to click through single steps all the time.)

Dragging those value boxes as if they were sliders is so intuitive to me that I almost forgot they were no longer sliders in 3.0.

double clicking the sliders in 2.8 was handy to reset them to 0 though, maybe we can double click the parameters name to achieve this reset behavior in 3.0?