[3.0] [XRNI] 1Bit WaveMorph Synth

So this my new instruments for Recreating the Lsdj/Atari Wave Switch Trick for making real distorted/hard bass

Kind of like in this song :

This is just to give you an idea but honestly my instrument sound a lot more hard than this !
Enjoy like i will do in the next few days with this beast :P

-­­ Download Here -

Cool, my favorite example of this kind of sound is at 2:10 in this song:

One of my favorite chiptune tunes ever because of that part at 2:10, I could listen to that section on repeat for hours.

Fucking hell, that’s some good music. Bought the album in a heartbeat.

That section sounds almost like a norwegian black metal band. :P

Nice instrument, sounds very nice in the higher octaves, a bit to distorted for my taste in the lower.

At one point I had found some actual straight up black metal chiptune, but all I can find now is mayhem covers. BUT! Here’s some power/prog chip “metal”.

Wish I could find that black metal artists again, that shit was hilarious.