[3.0] [XRNI] Alien White Keys

Here’s some funny sound effects for you, a total of 70 samples, one for each white key. All these are original as i made them with my homemade electronics.

Here’s a demo:

And here’s the instrument: https://archive.org/download/AlienWhiteKeys_201406/Alien%20White%20Keys.xrni



Thanks slippycurb, thanks for the feedback!
There shure are some gems in there, i hope people aren’t avoiding this because of the large size. It has almost 50 downloads though, so it looks like there is some interest.
This was quite a lot of work to make with all the recording, cutting, fading, mapping and so on, so i would like to know if these are actually being used, as i’m thinking of making a V2. ;)

what did you sample? I like they way they all gel too, theres a cohesive element to the sample set, thats well done.

I sampled this:

Pretty shure you won’t find this in your local gear store. ;)

I tried to keep it somewhat sorted, but there are some samples that should be moved around a bit though. I used the distortion mode (boost) for these effects and i think i’ll make a clean sine version also when i get around to it.

oh thats neat alright!!

This is sick Bellows, keep it up!

great range of original sounds, thanks a bunch for sharing man!