[3.0] [XRNI] Organismo 2.0

some years ago (I believe it was around year 1998), NeuRoTiX, probably the most fringe tracker user around, created a twisted, sick instrument in XI format (FastTracker II) called “Organismo”; its name plays a double role: “Organ”, the musical instrument on which the XI is somewhat based, and “Organism”, a lively structure. “Organismo” means “organism” in italian (he is italian).

The main feature of this strange instrument is that each note plays differently than the other, because each key has a different sample

I’ve decided to put the organism back to life by importing it into the new XRNI structure, adding effects and some macros to control tiny aspects of the sound.


There is also a phrase in the lowest two octaves to show a possible usage

Sounds kewl! I’ll have to check it out.

Nice, I like the vocal quality of the sound.

…but we´re in 2013?! ah retro yes…retro! :yeah: