[3.0] [XRNS/I] Old Radio

Old Radio

With this instrument i tried to simulate the sound of an old radio being tuned. I uploaded one yesterday, but took it down and have now improved it with guaranteed “no rights reserved” samples and i have trimmed it down to 47MB.
So this is now completely safe to use without any copyright issues.

The samples used are downloaded from Internet Archive’s “Old Times Radio” collection.

All “radio channels” are mapped evenly to different keys over the whole keyzones. The phrase is just something i made for this example, so i suggest you turn it off to easier customize which radio channel you want turned on.

Volume - Have a guess what this one does.
Tuning - This is where the fun is, supposed to work similar to the tuning knob on an old radio.
Distortion - Adds some color to the tuning noises.
Bit Reduce - This has nothing to do in an old radio.
Bit Crush - Neither has this.
Tape Warmer - Does something i think.
Heavy Comb - Eh, what’s this supposed to be? Sounds a bit cool for effects though.
Pitch - Yeah, this one’s cool.

Here is the xrns containing the instrument: https://archive.org/download/OldRadio_20140418/OldRadio.xrns

And heres an mp3 preview:

285 MB? :huh: :blink:

Where do all of the samples come from?

What are the needed rights or licenses for using them in other productions?

Edit: This is fixed now and file is reduced to 47MB, still quite large, but at least managable. :P
I think it sounds pretty authentic and you get quite a nice selection of old radio clips to use for something else if you like. I assure that all the samples in this updated version are completely free to use in any way you want.

Ah, yes i noticed this thing was unnecessarily huge after i uploaded it. Will fix it tomorrow, think i’ll just swap all the audio with samples i know have no rights reserved.
The audio is taken from internet archive, there’s no license information so i can’t guarantee anything, but the way the samples are being used i think this is not under copyright law, or is it?

Haha, this instrument easily beats the old radio emulation VSTs I’ve heard. Great job!

very cool! nice work

If a single instrument is better than several VST’s, then how powerful will Redux be? Since 3 went beta, the community here has spewed out tons of quality instruments and doofers. I predict the user content will continue to grow as there are no end to what can be made. So i say it’s about time we get a better solution for sharing this stuff! ;)

Thanks guys, hopefully this is useful for some things.

This really just started with me playing with the chorus cutoff filter, “wow that sounds just like a tuning knob on a radio, hmmm, let me see…”. :lol:
(it also gave me an idea to an artificial bird instrument :D )