3 Features, That Would Make Renoise The Best Sequencer On Earth.


having checked the latest renoise for about a week now… I think there is honestly not much more than few features missing for renoise to become the best musical tool on earth.

1. Individual Groove on tracks.
2. Midi Style sequencer like note editing view for tracks.

Altough I’m not a programmer, here’s an idea from my limited point of view.

This feature might be easiest done by adding a “track style” for a selected track. You could then move and lenghten notes on the up/down classical renoise view as before, but by pressing a keycommand a separate (maybe full screen) view for that track would open up where the track would scroll on horizontal plane.

I think this could be best done by adding a separate view. Sort of like the sample editing and envelopes sections are…

Also it would help to have a little horizontal view somewhere on the screen that would simply show the structure of the overall song. This does not really need to be big and could be done just like for example in Cubase you can have that little view of the “whole arrange”.

Then we come to the third feature… for both the Groove and MIDI mode to work, they would need a bit sharper grid for editing. 3. Sharper grid. -> It wouldn’t t really need to have more resolution than the early versions of Cubase had on Atari ST.

Actually… besides those few features I can’t think of anything else that this software would need… It’s getting actually quite perfect now.

Anyhow… thaaaanx once again for the developing team. :):slight_smile:

And come to think of it… for me just the sharper grid would be sufficient :) (grooves could be handmade without having to use BPM’s like 560) …after that… bye bye cubase :)