3 Suggestions

Ok maybe this is wierd but then again I have to say it out loud!
I have been thinking about some stuff I really think would be nice to have in renoise!

Time stretching/warping in the sample editor (manual sync, if you want=)
I think it would be cool if you could put a marker on for example snare in a breakbeat and then drag it to the nearest beat…
this can be done in many other sequencers.
(in ableton it’s called WARP)

Another thing that would be killer is if you somehow could work with longer files/wave…
I know it has been said many times and that there are some tricks for it!
but in my wierd head I got a funny idea…
Imaging haveing a visuel audio track running vertical along the pattern tracks
and then if you could warp it!! and just go nuts!
hahaha=) yeah it’s wierd and the wierdest thing about it is that I actually mean it to some extend…hehe :unsure:

(havent try’d the 2.0) but midiclock sucks!!
It would be so nice to wire renoise up to cubase or ableton and so on…
in that way all the timeliners could be slaves of the mighty renoise
“cubase-logic…bla bla bla…could be viewed as a vsti in the tracker world” :wacko:

Well thats it! :blink:
thanks for reading…


all 3 have been suggested in one way or another.

OK then its all good.

but even though. it still would be so very cool if it then also was done!

I’m not a programmer most likely not a musician
but i like tweaking and blending sounds
and a lot of other sequencer can do this stuff…

please don’t misunderstand me
I like tracking and have been in some other environments = I like tracking.