3 Suggestions

Hi There,

Just 3 requests (or at least a catalyst for discussion) :)

  1. The “play line under cursor” does not deal with the “Note Cut After X Ticks” very well. Any notes with a ‘note cut’ attached to it doesn’t play when you hit enter. Is there way to deal with this more gracefully? It’s very annoying when you’re trying to preview by tapping enter, and some notes are missing! I often have to change the tempo to 10% so I can hear the song slowly and hear the notes with the “F” command in the volume columns.

  2. In the “Render to Disk” dialogue box. Is there a way to link the destination path to the current path of the existing XRNS? I tend to have a directory per project. I would love a button saying “Use XRNS Path” or something. I really don’t like the Browse button under windows - it’s not very usable when you have LOTS of sub-folders like I do.

  3. Renoise hogs the ASIO driver on my RME FIreface 100% of the time - which means that my other daws become unusable until I turn off Renoise. Give me a dollar for every time I go into the preference and select “DirectSound” just to free up the RME again! Is there a preference to “Release ASIO Driver when not in focus”? This might serve a duel purpose because often some VST use 10% of my CPU even when I think Renoise is doing nothing. Once again, give me a dollar for every time I’ve double clicked stop as a way to get some CPU back. Perhaps a Renoise sleep button (or shortcut) may do the trick (rather than annoyingly cutting off the sound every time you switch to your browser). Perhaps a “Sleep after X hours” so Renoise isn’t using 10% of my CPU resources if I leave it on all night.

Mick :)

1: Renoise used to do that properly some versions ago, but perhaps it has been removed because of a bug. What if you set the TPL to 16 or 6?

3:these some VST’s: Is autosuspend plugin toggled in the advanced plugin preferences? [?] button

+1 for 2.

It would make life so much easier when organising files and moving songs between computers…