3 Work In Progress Plugexpert Thingies

So I made me this quick myspace page, for additional spam cluttering the internerds,…mmm yeah.

3 work in progress trissles, of which the ‘who got funk’ track thingy was my entry for the renoise winter theme compo. All 3 tracks are without any automation or vst plugins, just samples in renoise, any pointers / big ups or f**** you’s are appreciated.





I like that one that plays default, heaps!

something I found pretty funny, to boot, as myspace distinguishes its advertising by country, it had an advertisement for this ridiculous campaign a local pizza vendor is running on something called “puff” (probably one of those extra cheese deals…), and it runs through a few sequences telling me “so just puff”, etc.
Hilariously appropriate with that picture :D

your picture… :lol:
whispersmore red isnt possiblewhispers

noname1 - theres a nice “old console” feeling but not these type of sounds i like .
for example: this main lead sound

noname2 - comes with cheerful minimalistic jungledrums freakin out attending by a fat (a bit washy) bass. i like it … maybe tweakin the bass-sounds to drops

who got funk - already known and reviewed (high rated)

thanks for sharing

thank you very much. I’m in the state of that picture right now & like to review some music :)