32 Bit -> 24 Bit Converter

Look at the topic :)

I wouldn’t have asked for this, if it weren’t for the fact that Pro Tools can’t open 32 bit files.

what wav editor do you use? i think most of them have an options when you save a file… cool edit has for sure…

Samplitude V8 SE

I think (!) that audition/cooledit only support 32 and 16bit, but not 24bit.

no, it support 24 bit too

Yeah Audacity worked, thanks for answers.

Protools is supposed to be “the industry standard” and can’t open 32bit files? There must be something wrong about it.
I knew it mixes the tracks internally with 48bit integer values, but simply not supporting 32 bit FP files is like forcing people to render their tracks at 16 bit in order to make it “studio standard”. That’s ridiculous.

I agree, it’s quite strange indeed.

File a complaint then…

Guess it wouldn’t work. If they implement it, people could record audio tracks at home with Cubase SE, Tracktion, Kristal… and send the big Studios the untruncated 32bitFP files. That way just the big Studios would ever need to buy copies of Pro Toonz. No more Prolools LE or M-Powered for the masses. Nice marketing btw. :D

I could do that sometime, we’ll see.