3Dsmax Animation Control Via Renoise

I would like to use renoise as a master controler for 3dsmax parametric inputs on multiple paths realtime.
3dsmax can take midi inputs via max scripting.
I would like to control the rotation on of the cube via renoises envelopes.
I have downloaded the lua scripting starting pack and I think I need to write both a tool for renoise as well as a small tool for 3dsmax.

Anyone think this would be possible?

I will write a detailed prespecification with ui examples that technical hooks needs to be connected to.

cool…looking forward to what you come up with :)


What does the image of the Korg controller do there if you want Renoise to perform the work?
Unless you want to reroute your controller through Renoise to do some manual magic cube controlling, i think you can also put aside the script pack, as this luxury you frankly don’t even need for this trick (MHO though).

If you want Renoise to do the magic by the song, i think using any of the modulator devices controlling the Midi Device (perhaps through a Hydra device) will be more than sufficient.
And the midi device you link to an instrument where you set your target midi controller in the MIDI Properties. And it suffices that this target midi controller likely can be a virtual midi cable like Midi Yoke and Midi Yoke you call up inside 3dsmax to control your cube properties.
The only thing left is connecting the axis you want to rotate to a CC message and then let the modulator device, modulate the sliders of the midi device, you then don’t even need automation envelopes… just notes and perhaps let the notes influence your axis through an LFO device…