3rd Party Plug Ins Automation Q

Hey gang !!!

One feature I really enjoy is the automation feature for Renoise’s internal FXs via the FX column

Now just a pitty I can not do the same with my 3rd party plug ins ! OR CAN I ? (will renoise surprise me yet again !!)

I know I can use the automation window and all , but I do find it usefull of being able to automate my FX right in there in the FX colums , The results are just more accurate .

Nah, you cant do that dude.

That would be a crazy pattern!

The automation in Renoise is great though, and improving all the time, so try it out!


I do know what you mean about the pattern fx. They are SO tight…

However, music needs some crazy stuff so see what you can come up with in the Automation window! :) You can watch where the pattern is using the automation window so it is very nice…

What he said. Oops

okaly dokaly !!!

will get right on it thanks again