4 Midi Devices Mapped To 4 Tracks/Instruments = Record To Said 4 Track

I can’t believe this exists :panic: And for it to work too, :panic: :panic:

Sorry for speaking out of hand, I thought for sure this would’ve been forgotten about.
I’m shocked to be outputting 2 midichannels worth of midinotes from SchismTracker to Renoise’s individual tracks. This is so, so, so sick. :dribble:

it is great, wish it was possible to also use the computer keyboard to control multiple things at the same time!

When you first posted this I almost replying asking what you were on about as the Release Notes seemed to say exactly this was possible. Glad you’ve realised you were being a bit silly, asking when something will be here that already is in this version :P

(Note the post was edited and doesn’t say what it used to.)

I just posted this new tool that enables you to do this, to an extent. It isn’t very flexible right now, but I’ll post a version that works with 2.7’s midi routing soon.