+400 Free Vst(i) Plugins Working Correctly On Renoise 2 !

Hello Renoise Team & Renoisers,

Tomorrow, it will be the end of my holidays :frowning: I will try to find free time the next week-end to continue for testing VST(i) Plugins with “Renoise 2.0RC3”. During my holidays, I downloaded & beta-tested +400 FREE VST(i) Plugins working with success on Renoise 2 but I still prefer re-testing…

For the VST(i) Plugins not working correctly, I will post one only topic with all log files for each crash of VST(i) Plugins.

I would like to ask a question about the VST Plugins : can I realize & share a FREE MEGA-PACK (sorted by artist & name plugin) containing all the FREE VST(i) Plugins working on Renoise 2 ? If yes, could I share it on the Renoise’s Site and on eMule ?

Thank you for your help & Greetings,


Although free, many plugins are still not sharing the same licensing.
Some are donation ware, some are free to re-distribute, etc.

It’s neither up to the Renoise devs nor to the community to decide, if it’s okay to share these plugins or not.
Most plugins developers state under which license (gnu, cc, whatever) they’re running their stuff.

So it’s up to you to scan through these licences and look which plugins are share-able or not.
Alternatively, you can also ask the plugin developers if it’s ok to share them in a big package.

Have fun doing that with +400 plugs!

Don’t most VST/i work flawlessly on Renoise?

“plugins that work with Renoise” sounds like you have to handpick those…

I don’t think the Renoise team can allow/forbid you to bundle plugins… you need to ask the respective authors/check out the individual licenses… and sending the crash logs to them also can’t hurt…