404 Problems (not The Usual Kind)

Somehow, since yesterday, my webhosting has changed from giving a standard 404 error, to displaying a sponsored 404 search page, which, if you type in the very root url, says you can shop for www.dodgyrecordings.com on Amazon, among several other sites.
This was the biggest insult:

I pulled up the privacy report to see where it was coming from:

and promptly blocked the cookies from the bastards.

Now I’m wondering, how the hell this site is sucking people away from the site I paid for…surely this can’t be legit…?

Can I ask a few other people to try clicking this link, which directs to a file that doesnt exist, and see if they get the same thing…? http://www.dodgyrecordings.com/wtf.bastards

maybe my host has sold me out.
Just when I thought i was onto a good thing…

I just tested it and got a variety of different, equally shitty ad pages. :(
That’s really sketchy behaviour if you are a paying customer. Which webhost are you using?

probably you should be able to set up custom 404 error pages; try to ask them how you can do it. thre are chances that they decided to set up this marvellous page as default for all of thir sites.

IX Webhosting

I’ve had it for almost 2 years with them, and i’ve barely registered any downtime even… they seemed pretty decent to me, up until i saw this

edit: too quick for me.
Good idea it-alien. I’m having a look right now…

It-Alien makes a good point. Do they allow you to customise your error pages? Look for an .htaccess file in the root of your webspace, and see if this has any clues in it. If you can edit the .htaccess, you should be able to redirect the 404 error to a custom .html/.php page.

nothing. anywhere. and I scoured the back end settings to no avail also.

while I was there i sent off some rather agressive emails to them

found a way to redirect the 404’s myself, problem solved. yay