4cores In Renoise?

I’m posting this in off topic because I don’t want to spam with this not so important topic.

Renoise preference says: 4 CPU/Core support

When was it added?

now I’m glad that I got a quad core hehe :)

and I’m glad 4core is not what I feared it to be: a music style :lol:

lol, hardcore at 4:1 surround :D

I thought this already worked.

who said that it did not?

got a new baby since this weekend.
finally got it up and 100% stable at a reasonable clock.
i can only say, this thing EATS renoise and VSTi for breakfast ;)

Oh great…

when it got released I was still on my monocore Pentium 4… that’s why I didn’t catch the good news.

@ Keith303 That’s a great cpu.

I got a Q9300 and it was a mistake… I should have bought either Q9450 or Q6600

Still, I gently overclocked it at 2.85Ghz and it runs just fine.

Well the new core i7’s should be out in a few weeks. The 920 is attractively priced. I’ve heard it can clock to 4g on air pretty easily.
Anyway, I’ll be interested to see how quad core with hyperthreading performs in renoise.
Anything would be an improvement on the athlon 3000 I’m running right now. :)