4d Space In 3d/2d In Opengl

Here are some wonderful examples of 4d (and also space curvature emulation) viewed in 3d and 2d slices in openGL for windows:

A 4d screensaver with controls:

A 4d hypercube/tesseract/other viewer:

A 4d/Escher-esque sort of thing:

A hypercube viewer with stereoscopic (eyes crossed) capabillity:

I have found this to be as mind-boggling as the first time I ever saw realtime zooming on fractals.

nice one!

i wish my pc wasnt actin up lately, i have some graphics stutter for some reason.

this brings up a kinda troubling question.

i thought 4d was the warping of space and time?

whats troubling is i dont believe in time, so this creates a problem for my noggin! :D

its kinda cool tho, your interest an mine came somewhat close cycling past each other. around the same time you posted this message i was trying to figure out how to run a ‘live coding 3d animation’ software named Fluxus. it reacts to or can control live audio input/output. it also uses OSC to send/recieve to control be or controlled. pretty versitile piece of work going on. Open source! -with an OSX binary -the linux source doesnt have too many dependecies.
an it runs fast!!!
if you keep the polys down it goes extremely fast.
really cool piping in some jungle!

i’m positive those 4d representations could be done in this, an if not now, then a request to the dev would most likely work! he would dig it.
heres some peekchures:
(from pawfal)

Beware where you install the tesseract trainer because the uninstaller removes everything from it’s root (including files and folders that it didn’t installed).