4th Day


This is the instrumental, vocals are on their way… :)

Some of you may have heard this already, then named “4th Wheel Of Tennesee”, well it’s updated now.

Quite different from the other ambient-thingies nobody bothered to comment, hehe… :rolleyes:

Hum, might be re-arranged… :P

WAS re-arranged, and WILL be even more re-arranged for the vocal-version.

cuddles! :wub:

I like how you made the song getting more and more complex. First I thought that this is a strange piece of music but it is very nice. I like that, really.

fine work there, sagosen. I have to get used to the base-note changes yet (like at 1:49) but those parts have got something really cool. they end up in major, that makes it sound kinda classical to me. nice thing.
still have got the version which you made with the very first renoise 1.5 :)

Thanx guys! :)

I’d release a rns, but I used Absynth for a pad, maybe I can get around to reproduce that as a sample, hum…

Oh and Gilli, I’m not 100% happy with the base-note changes as you called them, they appear to sudden in a way, might change that later on, never know. :)

Funny how I don’t know ANYTHING about musical theory, you put names on things I did that I felt sounded cool, hehe… :rolleyes:

I actually picked this one up again cos a TV-producer liked it loads and wants to use it on tv… Maybe.