5 Songs Open At One Time, Is It Save?

Hello, next mounth I have to preform at my school, and now i wonder how I could play 5 different songs without to many braks between tracks…well you could have all your song open at one time, and then just select the one you wish to play!!, hmm, Iam trying this now, and I dont have any problems for now, would this be a “save” way to preform live? other ways ?


oK, after jamming a liitle the computer starts to have trouble going from one song to another…nothing else to do than to close an open after evry song

i dont have any luck running more than 1 instance of renoise on any of my systems. the frontend of renoise is built on what seems to act like a game engine, but really isnt. so you dont want to ever minimize renoise
if i were you i would use more than 1 computer, for this.

i have had very good experience syncing 2 systems running renoise, using a network midi loopback. an as long as the timing of the tunes are similar, you can get ‘perfect’ sync by preadjusting the midi offset compensation.


Maybe you should try to use more than one computer? I used to gig at raves using FT2 with 2 computers and that helped a lot to mix the songs live…

Terrific!!! :w00t: