64 Bit

i couldnt find with seartch xcuse me
does renoise work normal in 64 winxp with more than 4gb of ram

it works, but you will not be able to address more than 3 gigabytes of RAM, exactly as on 32 bit systems, as there is no native 64bit version of Renoise available

Im working with that and it works perfectly! :D

…just out of curiosity: the 3 gb RAM limit is due to xp, right? If the 32 bit version of xp wouldn’t have that limit, 32 bit software wouldn’t have that limit. Why would Renoise 32 bit version be limited to 3gb RAM if the OS supports far more than that, in the case of x64?

It’s not a software issue. 32 bits are only enough to address 4 GB: 2^32 = 4 294 967 296

but only 2GB are available for applications: the other 2GB are kernel memory.

you can use the /3GB boot.ini option to allow 3GB usage for applications. Renoise does support this option.

…thanks for that bit of info, guys!

renoise by it self - yes
what about plugins: do they get the saime adressing space?
for example renoise uses 3 gb ram , and plugin in renoise uses
2 gb , does plugin have them own independent memory space
like another aplication, or plugin dll gets the same adressing space?


Are there any plans to add true 64 bit support for Renoise in Windows in the near future? After the wonderful improvements in the latest beta, 64 bit is the only major feature I feel is missing, and it’s starting to become an important one to me as I use some truly massive sound libraries. 3 GB just isn’t enough if you use big sample-based libraries.

Tilt: is your “software chain” already completely 64bit-based?
I mean, are your operative system and VST sampler availalbe as 64bit?
otherwise renoise64 would still be useless.

Which sampler do you use by the way? The only 64bit sampler I know is PLAY

I’m not in a 64-bit environment yet, but I’m planning to go completely 64-bit with my next computer upgrade. I use PLAY and Kontakt3, and will also get Spectrasonics Omnisphere soon. PLAY is already 64-bit, while the other two will get this as free upgrades in the near future.

More and more companies will add 64-bit support these days, so Renoise is going to need the feature sooner or later (preferably sooner ;) ) if it wants to keep up with the rest of the pack.