64bit Renoise shows "no support for bridged plugin" in 64 bit


this is kind of strange, am I doing anything wrong? I am loading a 64 bit vst plugin into Renoise, but it says “no options for brisged plugin” in the gui window and also indicates “->64bit” in the list. Renoise is running as 64bit. Wasn’t there a option if no bridge (64->64) is used?

Preferences > Plug/Misc > Run all plugins in sandboxes

^ Disable this.

Oh yeah! I forgot, thanks. Maybe the message could refelct the actual limitation more precisely?

Like: “No support for bridged plugins” if it’s the bridge
And: “No support for sandboxed plugins” if it’s the sandbox


Bridged plugins are sandboxed plugins. The message applies to all plugins that are running in their own thread.
It could perhaps incorporate a “full sandbox mode active” description in the dialog if the checkbox is checked, but otherwise you won’t be able to change much if you are running a plugin that needs to run outside Renoise its bitscope (running 32-bit plugins in Renoise 64 bit or running 64-bit in Renoise 32-bit)