7 Nazgul Army

[7 Nazgul Arm](http://johann-lau.de/index.php/f^lala Renoise Sampled__7+Nazgul+Amy+((The+White+Stripes±+Seven+Nation+Army)).mp3)

Kinda random/unintentional, I’m mostly posting it because I’m pretty sure I won’t further work on it (that would decrease it in value for me, because then it wouldn’t be random anymore (plus I’d mess it up anyway :P)). That guy “shouting” “Nazgul!” is NOT me! :lol:

As long as I remember there were 9 Nazguls, kings of men seduced by the power of the nine rings which Sauron gave them. what has become of 2? ;)

It’s because the bassline is sampled* from “The White Stripes - Seven Nation Army”, and I can never resist bad puns :confused: *I guess this is illegal haha, so destroy it immediately after listening :)

lol :))