74hz - Major Macgyver


My attempt to make some 80’s / 90’s electronic music, with few modern elements.

Feedback would be appreciated, as always.

If you aimed for a retro-y tv-theme, I’d say it’s pretty close. With a dash of demoscene :slight_smile:

But, the drums doesn’t seem to sit very well in the mix. In my ears the snaredrum is too flat/dry.
I’d try the classic 80’s treatment with a bit (too much) gated reverb on the snare, and turning down the overall volume of the ride/crash cymbals.

Thanks for you comment. I’ll definitely try that gating technique out. I’m about to buy soundcloud pro so i’m going to update the project soon, if i think its better with the reverb.


not really my style but i can appreciate the effort, i imagine this piece as some game soundtrack :)

Hehe thanks ! I’m trying to aim out of the “game sound” that i produce for some reason. Maybe it’s just in my veins dunno :D

Not crazy about some of the sample choices. The layout of the song is pretty good. Enjoyable.

Yeah, i tried to get 80’s feeling with those samples. My main goal is to make composition somewhat decent, I think i need to improve in sound design tho.

sounds like sega genesis!

Thanks, I guess :D Glad you like it!