74hz - Skydive

I bought renoise this week and its awesome :)
I’m not familiar to trackers and this is the first complete song I’ve made using a tracker, i’ve been making music tho for more than 5 years now with other applications :P

If you’re kind enough, some badass feedback would be appreciated, everykind of comment is welcome.

I love it, 74hz! Incredible for your first time on Renoise, I love the way it begins quietly, and then you bring in other instruments, the basslines are excellent throughout too.

Well thank you :)

It was meant to be like it gets stacked with tension and “explodes” in the end, but couldn’t do everything I wanted because my ability to do things aren’t top notch just yet. :)

Yea. Nice vibe in this track, almost Squarepusheresque at the end, at least melodically.

Thanks :)/> Glad you like it!
And haha I have no idea who or what “Squarepusheresque” is ;D


Here’s one WIP project if you would like to give feedback :)

I think a bit more structure in this would be nice, it can be quite repetitive. However I don’t know that could’ve been what you were going for. Really solid first attempt, I look forward to hearing more.

Thanks for your input, what would you suggest me to add in there? there is many parts with several variatons so I’m honestly out of ideas

Just given it another listen, I feel like the the same instruments were used pretty much constantly throughout the whole song, the variations are nice but I feel like they could be bigger. Maybe strip it down for a quieter section to build into your outro? It seemed like the track remains at a very stable volume / density for its whole duration. I still really enjoy it though.

Hope this helps

squarepusher is a drill’n’bass artist

Thanks, I don’t feel like it needs several instruments tho(There is actually 2 different leads, which is already extreme for me :D/>), but maybe I shall try this out in some of my song/s.

I’m maybe a bit old fashioned, but I like making the variations trough the scoring / composition part. One thing which comes to my mind would be the percussion part, thats probably a thing I need to work on next.

Ah, I see. I should check it out tomorrow. :)

Glad you like it :)

Nice and chill. :)

Thanks alien7 !

I’m loving the style of this.


This lead melody is really sweet. Absolutely clear that you already have some musical experience.
For your first song in Renoise ever this is amazing. My first finished track was far, far, far worse :D

Thank you sir!

I have never studied music, but I believe I gained some theory-based experience when I made rock/metal music with my friend. After all I just try to make music that sounds good to me.

Renoises workflow is kinda hard to me yet, because I’m used to the workflow of the mainstream DAW’s. But I’m learning in small steps :)