8 Quicksave Buttons Also For External Instrument

Would be nice, if there were also some quicksave buttons next to the “enable keyboard”-checkbox in the external instrument popup. Logic also has an handy compare button. It’s great while designing sounds and comparing made changes.

It’s kind of annoying to work with single-step undo operations.

As in the directory view or the automation view:
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And it would be cool, if the saved presets would be saved per instrument, so if I open a new instance of (for example) “Bassline VST”, the presets I saved within “Bassline VST” are availble. If I open “Drums VST”, the presets I saved in “Drums VST” are availble. Because it makes no sense to have presets of “Bassline VST” in “Drums VST”.
The changement of the settings by pressing a preset button should be able to reverted by using “undo”.

With this I easily can:

  • Modify a preset and and compare to the old state
  • Make a new instance of an instrument and easily transfer the preset

That would not work for bridged plugins. Besides plugins use FXP or FXBs that can be saved from within the plugin section.

But with a tool this can be realised, be it not in the same dialog as the plugin frame.

Why this? Maybe I did not get it, but… The plugin settings are also saved in a Renoise song, so why this should not be possible? There must be a functionality like “give me current state of plugin” for vst plugins… And using a plugin implemented dialogue/method/save functionality isn’t the same as quicksave preset buttons.

Ok, maybe it would be enough to have two buttons: “Copy settings”, “Paste settings”. But with some more buttons you could really easily compare changes.

No, but it gives you more dynamic space to save everything you want. Not just 8 slots.

But applying the same method used for VST effects (including the A/B edit) could be a nice compromise: