88.2 Khz

Someone recently told me that mastering at 88.2 kHz (88,200 Hz), and resampling down to 44.1 kHz before releasing the final master yields better results than mastering at 96 kHz and resampling down by a factor of ~2.18 rather than 2, especially when using ‘budget’ sample rate converters such as the one provided by Sound Forge.

So I’ve since started mastering at 88.2 kHz where possible, but then I noticed Renoise doesn’t have the option of outputting an 88.2 kHz WAV file…and I want to master a track made in Renoise.

Seems a bit odd not to have support for this sample rate, as even software as low as FL Studio has it. Is it easy enough and possible to implement this?

I can see where that makes sense, but I did notice vast improvements when processing at 96 kHz and using Sound Forge’s SRC rather than processing at 44.1 kHz throughout the master plugin chain, same with processing at 88.2 kHz. I have yet to compare the two and hear the difference for myself, but having an 88.2 kHz option to begin with doesn’t sound like a bad idea to me. :)

24 Bit I’m not too concerned about since I just stick to 32 or 64 bit floating point and rely on third party dithering, but I suppose it would be a nice addition too.