89Bpm Hiphop Beats


this one is sampling a track by aviv geffen called yoman masa … i really like this song so i gave it my Personal interpretation … hope you’ll enjoy :walkman:

Loosen it up a little…humanize it or don’t use quantize during recording live. :) Get some human feel to it. Sounds good otherwise.

what do u mean “quantize”? how can i make it sound more human?

Quantize snaps the notes to the beat, the “Q” button in the pattern editor. That type of piano needs this I think, maybe play it live or humanize, I would then render it slice it up into 2 beat long slices and randomise it a bit to give it that mpc style but thats just me. It sounds good anyway.

quantized is having the sequence aligned to the time ‘grid’.
try having the sounds hit a bit early or late.

didn’t mind the quantized timing of the beat and piano, was missing a good sub bassline though, essential in hip hop imo, felt the lead synthy sound was a bit out of place and the snare could use some reverb. Not bad though!

tnx everybody :lol: