98MB MODs Songs in one archive by Nykk Deetronic...

All Amiga Tracker Modules Pack [98MB archive] composed by DJNick Deetronic between 1990-1999 on Aminet now

In this package you will find:

• 68 Songs [MOD, MED & DBM files] for Demo Scene or Personal
• 20 Songs from Capital Punishment Amiga Game [1996]
• 16 Songs from The Resurrection album [OctaMED SS files, 1997]
• 5 Songs for other Rap Groups [1993-1996]
• 12 Never Finished OctaMED S.S. Songs [1995-1999]
• Some Bonus Photos of Old PPC Amiga Computer & New Amiga

DJNick [now Nykk Deetronic] music experiment started on Amiga gear back in 1990 using ProTracker program and follows 23 years later. Currently he is using Renoise tracker in combination with Steinberg WaveLab and bunch of VSTs.

Trackers Used to Produce Music in this All-Time-Pack:

  • ProTracker, - OctaMED Sound Studio & - Digibooster

Machine Started in 1990: Amiga500
Machine Ended in 2003: Amiga 1200 Big Tower PPC 603e 166mhz 060/50 160mb RAM, BVision…
Current Amiga: Sam460ex

Music Styles:
Techno, Electro, Breakbeat, Deep Beat, Trip Hop, Hip Hop, Rap, Hard Core, Happy
Rave, Goa Trance, Breakbeat Goa, Hard House, Tech House, Acid House…

AmiNET link:

Website link:

You can watch more his work on
www.youtube.com/djnykk | www.djnick.rs | www.deetronic.rs

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