A Big Bunch Of Stylized Voices


althought my HDD has broken and probably i will never be able to continue these songs due to lost files, but i had planned to make these commercially for an essential album, all of them are made in renoise of course, please let me know what you think about it. this is quite an important project for me.

jet pack
[untitled] - this one probably wouldn’t be featured due to its different approach.
yinc - same goes for this

thanks in advance

nice. very ant-zen, if you know what i mean. extremely mature stuff.

i thought more of you will drop comments… c’mon! :)

just package all the tracks under one album name and brand it with an image that reflects the dark ambient ethno-glitch style, and release it .


very media mix tent at the bit chill - aka - music for vj’s - but brilliant tho!

Interesting stuff, nice werk!

Nice, I like!