A Bunch Of Ideas

First I would like to thank you for a great great program.
I have run through your program and have written down some ideas.
I have combined them in this topic, because I don´t follow the renoise-forum that often.
Best regards,

  1. this one might not be a bug: long wave samples click/pop. I have long wave files, and they always click/pop after 5-6 seconds. The samples have no errors. I converted some kontakt instruments into renoise instruments manually, but the click/pop made them useless. The samples are 100k+ and some are 1mb+. Can this be solved by trying different choices at the “configs/import/raw audio import options”. I have only tried the default settings. the samples I import are used by steinberg halion, so they might be in a different wave format, the bits. I apologize if this is not a bug.

  2. idea/bug: when rendering a tune, and using native instruments kontakt vsti, some kontakt instruments have fallouts when the polyfony is to high, because the harddisk cannot keepup with the speed of the renoise rendering procedure. I have fixed the problem by installing a ramdisk program, so I copy the kontakt instruments I use to the ramdisk. Perhaps the rendering process could be slowed down is chosed by the user at “configs”. I always render in background. When I use the ramdisk 95% of the tunes that use kontakt vsti work, but without the ramdisk only 5% works perfect. In renoise every sounds correct, but it is the rendered final wav file that has fallouts in the kontakt vsti´s.

  3. idea: advanced edit: copy an entire track not supported. It would be nice though. In order to make bigger sounds by laying them. Bun by copying entire tracks there will be more tracks and notes, and this will reduce the simplicity of the pattern overview. Therefore I am interested in being able to build an instrument that can consist of more sub-instruments than now. meaning: Now an instrument can consist of a)midi instrument+b)renoise instrument+c)vsti instrument. I would love to be able to use two vsti conbined to one instrument.

  4. idea: when creating a renoise instrument using several wav files and being on the “instr.envelopes” page, it would be nice to be able to “draw” on the keyboard where the wav file should be heard. Not like now, when one has to mouseclick every note that the wav file should be assigned to. for example: I would like to mouseclick C-4 and keep the mousebutton down and moving the mouse to the right, over all white and black keys, until C-5 and then releasing the mousebutton. This way assigning the current selected wave sample to all notes from C-4 to C-5. I did a lot of clicking when building 10 renoise instruments.

  5. bug: when I have the native instruments Kontakt vsti screen on top of renoise and click the “x” close button, often renoise is minimized. this annoys me, but if I close the vsti by clicking the “close editor” button at the “instr.settings/vst instruments properties”, renoise is not minimized, and this works, but sometimes it is easier to just click “x” because of too little screenspace on my 1024x768 screen for both vsti and renoise.

  6. idea: I almost never used the effectcolumns anymore, that was amiga times. today I use the “automation” feature all the time, and therefore I would like to be able to “hide all effectcolumns” at the “configs/gui/patterneditor” page.

  7. idea: at “song properties” it would be nice if the title automatically got the same name as the song-filename until the user wants to change the title, instead of the current “untitled”. It would also be nice if the “produced by: somebody” could be saved like the “configs”, because often it is the same user that used renoise on one computer. When a user changes the “somebody” I simply would like the entered name to be saved in the configs file. of course the saved name should be able to be altered later on.

  8. idea: perheps a delay compensation feature, so a use can use hardware effects like the tc powercore. steinberg cubase has this feature, so if I want to buy a tc powercore I currently have to stop mastering my music in renoise. I do have cubase sx, but I want to be able to both write music and master in renoise. I don´t have tc powercore now, but I might buy one because of limited cpu for software effects.

  9. idea: when mixing a tune, I would like to be able to swith-on a peakmeter on top of each track. In the top of renoise there is a horizontal peakmeter for the masteroutput, and that is great, but when mixing the volume for several tracks at the same time I cant use it. this way I can stop relying so much to my ears. The track independent peak-meter/vu-meter should remember the highest peak (number).

  10. idea: at the “instr.settings/vst instrument properties” some user might find it handy if the was a button saying “download new vsti”, this should simply open the browser on a webpage with a list of downloadable free/demo vsti´s. below that button could be a “rescan vst folder” or something like that. At the “track DSPs” page there could also be such button “download new vst effects” and “activate newly installed vst effects” (rescan). A perhaps better idea, look at “15” below.

  11. idea: an additional “native effect”, called “EQ preset”. This EQ effects should then have pre-set EQ for a selection of standard instruments, like bass, bassdrum, snaredrum, hihat. it should still be possible to alter the eq bands but it makes it a little easier to tighten the eq of instruments that are mostly limited to a specific spectrum, like a bass sound. I then don´t have to remove high frequences, from basses from vsti´s. I once tried the TC native bundle vstfx, and the eq had that eq preset feature, which made the instruments a little better, but tc native bundle vstfx cost a lot of money is I only want eq preset.

  12. idea: when rendering, I would like that renoise could normalized the saved wave file - of course after the wave file is completely rendered. The tunes I render from renoise I currently double check in steinberg wavelab, so I am sure that all tunes are normalized to 0 db. Often they already are maximized to 0 db, because I use the “autoadjust mastervolume” all the time, but sometimes they are not, and then I normalize the tinyt difference afterwards.

  13. idea: at the “render to disk” box, it could be usefull not to include the “send tracks” when saving each track to a separate file. “Include send tracks [x]”. When a user exports a tune to sepaarate wave files, it is problably always because the user wants to master the tune in another program, like cubase/nuendo etc. and then the user probably don´t need the sendtracks most of the times, if not always.

  14. idea: at the “render to disk” box, I was a little uncertain which “priority” that gave the best quality, intuitively. They might be similar in quality, but if a user has all the time in the world to render (while eating, running wathing tv), the user would like to be sure that the “priority” selected is the best, the most safe. This was a huge problem for me when rendering a lot of tunes where the native instruments Kontakt vsti was used, because renoise rendered the tune too fast for the kontakt vsti to followup, and therefore there was missing sound here and there in the rendered wave file. (as written ealier in this document).

  15. idea: at the “Disk browser” box it could be interesting if it was possible to connect with a serverside page on a website listing a lot of songs and instruments and samples stored on a webserver. beside that vsti and vstfx could be downloaded too using the disk browser box.

  1. There is a real time rendering mode. Have you tried this?

  2. Copy a track with left shift+f4 and paste with shift+f5 (cut = shift+f3).

  3. An idea is to hide all the effect columns in an empty song and then press the “save as startup song” in the config. This will be loaded each time you start Renoise or make a new song.

  4. Do you mean you want the send tracks included in the separate tracks? That would require the send track to be rendered one time for each normal track that uses that send track and then mixing them together. But that could sound different from the current way.
    For instance if you have a limiter at the end of the send track, and the send track is used on 2 tracks. The limiter might not do anything when only one track is played, since the volume is then too low.

  5. For VST I doubt that is possible due to licensing issues.

Some of the features have already been suggested. Although I know that the forum’s search function is not very good, right now.

Sugg. n. 4 makes sense to me, tho I’d seldom use it.

As for the internet connections, downloads, … I have to disagree. Maybe I’m a bit of an “audiophile-separatist”, that is: I want separate programs for separate tasks :D … but fact is that having those things in Renoise would be too much, IMHO.

For the sends: Ok, that might be useful, sometimes, but very rarely, IMHO. If you don’t want send tracks just don’t use them, or delete them before rendering.

about 2:

put renoise into “above normal” priority into task manager, and use realtime rendering priority