A Call Out To All Renoisers!!!!

I am currently on the line up for a show this up coming May here in Winnipeg. It’s a Chip Party called Data Dance and I’m concidering using ChipDiscoDJ (Really nice little program) Or simply using 2 instances of Renoise and just playing out my tracks and the tracks of others (got a 45 min set basicly). Here’s where you guys come in… I wanna keep it as renoise artist as possible so im asking for any renoise artists that may have some crazy chip tune .xm’s, .mod’s or even chip related .xnrs’s to help out the cause! I’m looking for any type really but if you have some idm-ish, hardcore-ish, even glitchy hop-ish style chip tunes and would like to help out… please pm me a way to get a copy of your track. I’m going to be filming it and posting it on my youtube channel so ill link it up here after the party as well.

Thanks guys!!


If it is just for the chip-audio, one may rip some samples from one of my old chiptunes (unpack and move the prefix to the back :)):

Though these are really really old-skool… (don’t expect IDM or hardcore etc.) but the sounds may be insteresting enough to abuse in new projects.

I’m afraid ChipdiscoDJ doesn’t replay IT, but it’ll do vV’s XM no problem :) If I was better at Java and had the time, I’d figure out how to interpret IT’s NNAs and filters… Maybe some day.

niNja - did you have any luck with the MIDI controls or the cue-mix toggle feature?

Oh, and needless to say, my Amiga MODs and a load of XMs are available for download at syphus.net ;)

You mean, you aren’t capable of translating the IT behavior into Java or you don’t know the specification tricks for playing IT files on NNA’s and filters?
You can get lots of info on the schizm tracker site though:

Here are some tips for the filters:

All I’ve got that is just a little chippy is this track. A little cute breakbeat halfway through. Mostly made with native Renoise instruments. Made it on my laptop over a year ago blabla excuses

I hope you can use it, otherwise, no worries, have fun playing live! :D

Thanks guys… Hopefully there will be more posts to come… =D

Syphus: No, I went out looking for a interface to use, however the shops down here don’t carry behringer (even though they DID at one time) Due to the quality or something they said… they’re ordering me one thats going to run me like 47$ but I really dont know if I’m going to go back for it. I mean if this is going to be my only show I do with it that’s kinda pricey. Which leaves me with the option of just winging it in Chipdisco with the spacebar and just practice or just running two renoise instances and messing around with my faderport to control them. ACK maby this could be a LUA project for someone to create a crossfader script somehow… Actully maby I’ll suggest it in the proper forum feed.

Anyhow I thank you guys like mad for the tracks now and the ones that will hopefully come, you guys are awesome!



I use VSTs on all of my stuff, which would probably be bothersome for you to deal with if you wanted to play my tracks from xrns. :confused: