A Complaint About Most Renoise Users Here

:blink: by the looks of things, i’d just like to complain that most people that took out their plastic to pay for renoise are making the wrong music, too many people are using renoise to make trance and house, when really, you should of bought renoise to make the music that i like :P that’s oldskool breakbeat hardcore and acid-techno.

God knows I make too much SH1T. Please accept my apologies happy milkshake man.

You hear that everyone?!?! Stop making SH1T!


heh, but renoise was created so it would be easy to make good old rave music only.

As a trance-freak, I have to send my personal apologies to you. Please accept them.

oh come on… we all know Renoise is a polka-making-machine

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you gotta make some more dual kore, you soft dual headz!

:yeah: :yeah:

so which style of music do you reckon renoise was made for then?

Generate Drumcore!!

Whatever your imagination is set to and whatever inspiration you want to use for it.

Renoise is not for hip hop ;)

(did I mention I don’t like hiphop?) :P

we should make goa-polka, death-samba, black waltzer, dubpunk, acid-bebop, gangsta-yodel and italohumppa!
and psychedelic xmas-chorals of course…

but seriously… unfortunately most people are making trance because it is easy to do and with the skills of a brick you can make it catchy for the trance-admiring audience. it’s like asking, why are most of the people playing rock music who plays on guitar?

LOL - Now I feel personally attacked :P

hardcore, hardstyle)

Hardstyle? Here you have it

Another brick in the wall?

“I don’t need no education” :)

“Leave those kids alone” ;)

I am so lame…

me wonders though… I actually have the feeling (atleast in the songforums), that there is actually more br3akk0r3 and gl1tc around.
teh r0XX0r!

wasn’t renoise supposed to produce only '92 to late '94 rudebwoy jungle bizzznissss ?!? :)

More old school (synth pop?) please! What most trackingmusic sounded like a long time ago. Just with better soundquality this time :walkman: