A Compo Of A Different Flavor

Well i’m always in for learning new stuff with music… I hope i don’t have too much on my mind when the compo starts.

I’m in the process of moving to Portland OR. A long process. A very long process. Much of the process is going to be me staying with friends down there to get work there before Brad and I do the full move.

I imagine that over the next 3 months I’m not going to be able to focus very much on music and renoise and especially not the anti-4/4 compo. Hopefully in a few months I’ll be back on track. Pun intended.

Take it this died of death then. Would be a good kick for me to do some timing experiments…

Kizzume, I love the idea about a non-4/4-compo.
And I can write us an upload-Script, if your server supports PHP.
I just have one problem which is rather a matter of taste.
The fact that we have to include a key change. I never liked that sudden keychanges except of some special songs, where you don’t really notice it e.g. the classical XM from Jase Chong.
Anyway, I’d take part even with this keychange-rule but…can’t we just simplify the compo to non-4/4 ? :) Or am I the only one with this mental illness about keychanges? :huh:

Ah…and don’t forget to hit us back, when you’re done with moving. ;)

i think he’s done moving now… he posted a shit-ton of new songs on here about a month ago.

i’m still up for the compo if somebody wants to run it :) keychanges are fine with me too

I wouldn’t even know how to achieve a key change…
But I’m all for weird rythms!

That’s easily done. The most simple way is, when musicians shift the base note (Tonica) two notes up to reach a climax in their song. For example “Can’t fight the moon light” by Lean Rimes. I’d love that song, if they wouldn’t change the key :)

Other examples are songs that change from moll to dur or vice versa.
For example “Für Elise” by Bach.

Well…let’s take this rule as a challange then :)

Not sure if what Im thinking is key switching is indeed key switching
but indeed, only adds to the challange!

it’s like in a bunch of pop ballad songs (especially in the 80’s), where about 3/4ths of the song, the song will pause for a second, and then all the notes go up a step or two to add “suspense and drama” to the song.

That’s kinda what I was thinking. I can’t remember any of the little bits of music theory I once knew when I was at school and I just punch in notes until something seems to sound right. Who knows or cares what key it is in or if it stays there…

Doesn’t mean I wouldn’t be willing to try breaking whatever rules I have imposed on myself with notes used in earlier parts though. It all furthers learning after all ;)

Thinking, rather than an annoying key change how about enforcing a tempo change at some point during the track? Really piss off all the DJs :D

I’m planing to do this! :)
But let’s not set up too many rules. That might demotivate those who already have something in mind which they would contribute with. But that’s only my opinion, so I’d still get along with other thoughts.

The difference between 3/4 and 6/8 is all to do with the grouping inside the bar. It’s to do with feel, and it’s also to do with phrasing.

Think of the subdivisions:

3/4 is 3 groups of 2 :: 12 | 34 | 56
6/8 is 2 groups of 3 :: 123 | 456

6/8 is faster. Think of 6/8 as 2 triplets in a bar. 3/4 is a waltz, you really feel the ‘3’.

Cool, thanks! Free music theory, mmmm…

Sorry for hijacking this thread, but could someone of you check out the track preview i’ve posted here: Track Preview

I’ve tried to make 3/4 music, but i’m still unsure, if i succeeded.

Well, as far as I could hear, you are playing 4/4 beats in patterns which end with 6/8 timing. So, since your pattern repeats with the 6/8 timing, your song would fit into this rhythm. But to my ears it fits more to 4/4 and I’d hear the loop repeating with a 4/4 timing, because your beats don’t really “force” me to hear the end of a pattern. As the listener I could decide “it repeats with 4/4 timing” or “it repeats with 6/8 timing”.
This might sound like I’m critisizing. No! It’s great! :) I like the fact that one can’t really find out where the “loop” begins.
That said, I made a little rns with some seconds of your song. And there are two channels (one is 6/8, the other 4/4). Check out for yourself to which “metronome” fits best to your song. Then you can decide if your song is 6/8 or 4/4 :)
Get the 1 MB here.

Really helpful! I’ve used a pattern length of 96 with speed 3 and 105 bpm, exactly like in your test. The melody and beat changes are done at either 12, 24 or 48 steps so 6/8 seems more logical for me. The track was started with the following drumloop i’ve created with Limelite Solo, which was heavily modified and deconstructed in Renoise. Within Limelite Solo i’ve used a pattern length of 12 steps.

Thanks again! :)


hehe …one of the first posts said " … ending in big discussions… "


here the compo didnt even start and the discussions went on haha



It’s been cool seeing these discussions. The move to Portland inititally went well, but then the apartment manager started treating my boyfriend and I like sh*t because we didn’t want to have sex with him and we also found out he is a pathalogical liar who digs in all the tenant’s garbage and gives 15 minute bright-red-faced angy sermons on how a tiny (like a couple centimeters) piece of plastic wrapper from the lid of barbeque sauce that was mixed with the broken down cardboard for recycling is a completely unacceptable occurrence that should never be repeated again, and yelled in the most queeny tone possible.

So, now that we’ve moved again, still in Portland, I might be able to start piecing things together enough to maybe actually start up the compo, except for the fact that I had to switch to working full time. I get to hear bathhouse music all day now–UGH!–or should I say all night, since I work graveyard, at a bathhouse. At least it pays more than minimum wage.

The whole reason why I wanted to start the anti 4/4 compo is because of how common tracker programs are associated with making music like what’s played at bathhouses and gay bars, and working where I am now gives me a lot more incentive to get the ball rolling on this.

TMI? Oh well! :)

now i’ve spent 30 minutes reading about “bath” houses on wikipedia.