A Couple Of (hopefully) Simple Changes

I’ve been thinking about using Renoise live myself, but there are a couple of changes that I think would really help when using the tracker as a live instrument.

Aside from allowing more precise values in the automation (argh, it’s so frustrating setting a delay length to x lines with the automation, only to find the automation envelope makes it a few ms out), it would be brilliant to be able to add effects to a channel in an inactive form. That’d allow you to add an effect to your tune on-the-fly, a few bars before it needs triggering, without it altering the sound in any way. You could set up the parameters to optimum funkiness and then activate it at exactly the right time, and know it’ll come out sounding good. At the moment there’s no way of doing that as far as I know, so you’d have to add the effect and then try to set the parameters right before anyone in the audience notices - not great when you’re “jamming”.

Oh yeah, and some sort of dry out/wet out volume sliders on the delay would be extremely cool, if that’s possible. That’d probably be more complicated to implement though.

You can could probably add some effects from the start of the song, that are disabled in the first pattern, then if and when you want to use them you just turn them on.

True, but to do that you’d need to add all the effects at the very beginning, like you said. If you’re in the middle of a song and on the spur of the moment decide to, say, put a some phasing and a delay on a channel, that wouldn’t be possible. And it really shouldn’t be difficult to incorporate something like this, which would be a major asset when it comes to spontaneity.

We could make it an option that all effect devices get bypassed when they are inserted. Or they get bypassed when holding down shift while adding it …

Bypassing the effect by holding shift when adding it would probably be the most practical thing to do, but it’s worth seeing what other people think (if they’re interested). Thanks for taking this on board. :D