A Couple Of Monitor Set Ups


I’d like to buy new monitors and someone recommends (tries to sell) me :

SAMSON RESOLV2.1 ( http://www.peterverspuy.nl/cgi-bin/x/7197.html )
SAMSON RESOLV65A ( http://www.peterverspuy.nl/cgi-bin/x/20210.html )
ROLAND DS8 ( http://www.peterverspuy.nl/cgi-bin/x/7093.html )
KRK V4 II ( http://www.peterverspuy.nl/cgi-bin/x/20534.html )
YAMAHA HS80M ( http://www.peterverspuy.nl/cgi-bin/x/10335.html )
ALESIS MONITOR 1A Mk2 ( http://www.peterverspuy.nl/cgi-bin/x/1178.html )
Alesis M1 Active 620 2-Way Near Field Monitors ( http://www.zzounds.com/item–ALEM1ACTIVE620 )

I’d like to know reviews of these sets (websites -> online comparison etc), experiences from you lot, if you own any of these sets please share your thoughts on them.



ok, this seems like a good (tho humongous) reference point for studiomonitors: http://www.kvraudio.com/forum/viewtopic.ph…=105338&start=0

will have some investigating to do

  • question:

anyone here ever bought online from zZsounds.com, I am pretty new to this online buying and wonder if they can be trusted.

edit: zZsounds only ships within the US :( any good European sites, doing similar business?

The Alesis M1 Active Mk2’s are very good for the price, but are quite bass heavy. I’d look into the new 620’s, I think they are quite interesting, and they have a clip indicator, so you get to feel like a Genelec owner. :)

Bantai: " You should check out the new mini Genelecs!"

yes, I’ve heard good things about them, but maybe it’s ignorance from my part, but how is : “Bass and treble are each powered by 20 watt amplifiers”
going to make impact? Only 20 watt

When you make music you don’t actually need to blast away the neighbours (or your pets), since your ears have a higher sensitivity at lower dB levels which leads to you having a better judgement during mixdown.

I use the alesis m1 mk2’s and they are great… if you don’t like how bass heavy they are, just stick socks in the air ports. Did the trick for me… that heaviness is actually pretty good for knowing whats going on in the bottom end of things if you don’t have sub woofer, so I used like they were till I got a sub… another good pair for cheap is the KRK rokit 5 series monitors. I thi8hnk those are the best bang for the buck unless you can find the alesis monitors for the smae price.

Haha, expert advice. ;) Bantai, you know this is what seperates the pro’s from the cons. What type of socks? Do they have to be matching socks? I want a balanced response.

Very true Bantai. After field testing, I finally opted for clean. I had to try a few different types, like cotton and wool to get a really transparent sound going. Some were too brittle, others were muffled. The socks I use now are fairly unobtrusive. They are dark green, and there’s not that many stripes on them to mess up the highs. Literally no coloration, even when I ride them at clip level with zero effect.
Then I tried a bit with a new pair and an old pair, and I have to say that the old pair gives a really warm grit to the sound. Kind of like it was all coming off of a tape somewhere. This was particularly true of my hand-knitted socks from the Victorian era.

Yeah, I just use Euro-black silk tube socks, as you would imagine how good they are on your feet, they do color the sound a little and make the audio sound a little sweeter than it really should for production, but hey, only the best for my monitors! :lol:

“STUFF A SOCK IN IT- Although the M1 is without active (or passive) electronic controls for altering its frequency response, the manual suggests that stuffing the two ports with wads of cloth will reduce the LF response. Because the M1s never exhibited too much bottom end, I chose not to exercise that feature. The ports are also designed to push air over the warmer parts of the internal power amps to keep them cool. The back plate of the M1 runs slightly warm but a lot cooler than some smaller powered monitors I’ve recently been around.”

quoted from here:


and here you go little buddies… straight from the manual:


:) Thanks. European silk… :dribble:

I was kinda scared to buy the monitors at first… I’m ussualy the type to figure that if the manufacturer says to put socks in your speakers out of the box to make up for frequency response, then stay away, but I took my chances with them, and I’m pretty impressed. I use them with a KRK rp10s sub- that too is actually a really good sub! it took a while to get them both to work together the way I wanted, but after I went and bought an SPL meter and ran a bunch of bandpassed noise waveforms through my system and got the amplitude and frequency cut off adjusted for all my speakers, as well as got my room placement correct, the system was sweet! So far the majority of my mixes are translating really well onto other systems (I still suck at mixing though).

Oh yeah- by the way here is a link for some pre-made noise waveforms with instructions to use when getting your system hooked up in your space for anybody interested in getting your monitors working properly with your sub:


I know it’s from blue sky, but the waveforms will work for calibrating any system… worked for me anyways- there’s alot of good info on that page that should be read.

Ah super useful.
I’m just about to rig up a rehearsal space for my dad’s band, and will try to get a bit scientific about it. =)
Thanks again.

I can’t afford that many eggs right now… spent all my money on euro socks.