A couple of Questions


  1. I noticed that Renoise has most of its paramaters assignable for MIDI and keystroke control. I say most because i fail to see the ability to assign “instrument selection” via MIDI. Is this the case? All I am interested in doing is switching between instruments with a slider or knob so that I can select which instrument becomes the main focus. What would really be ideal is to allow each instrument to be assigned to a midi note/CC so that an instrument becomes the focus with the push a of a button/pad (ala the Novation Launchpad).

  2. Is there a way to select a track and have all recorded information erase in one shot? So for example, I am making beats on multiple tracks and I’ve got Kick, Snare, Hats on separate tracks. I’ve got a groove going and decide I want to change up the kick beat, can I select the track containing the recorded info for the Kick and with a keystroke or MIDI CC, have all info erase in one shot?

Thanks in advance for any assistance.

1: This is currently not possible natively in Renoise as the general midi messages are captured for the current selected instrument. Scripting wise, more options are open in Lua if you desire: The midi management console allows you to solo-select an instrument, the checkboxes that are executing the instrument selection for this are midi mappable: http://www.renoise.c…agement-console

2.:Selecting a track, there are multiple tools that allow you to perform track selections, you might want to try pakketti or see if there is a tool that performs this kind of action for you.
If you want a track completely erased without having to drag any selections, shift-F3 cuts out the current selected track contents.

Thank you! Sorry for the late reply, for some reason i was unable to log in to my account but it’s all sorted now.

MMC works like a champ.