A Couple Of Thoughts On Editing

Maybe i’ve not investigated Renoise completely enough, but it would be great if it has the ability to edit multiple tracks simultaneously. What i’m really looking for is the ability to put either note-OFF or DEL in other tracks; to be able to tell Renoise ‘I’m editing this one track, but each time a note is entered in this track, insert OFF or DEL (user’s choice) in each of these other specified tracks (and sub-columns?), at the same location.’

Does Renoise already have this?

Also, in the advanced edit, it would be handy to be able to delete all note-OFFs in a track column, with a single click.

Wait for 2.6 when scripting comes out. A lot of heavens will open up on this area.

Can you give some examples on what scripting will enable us to do?

I can, but i’m not allowed to go too deep into details.
I can say that i have seen teammembers doing stuff with scripting so far that even pleasantly surprised Taktik.
Just to give you a slight idea of how powerful that stuff actually is.

Hehe, i don’t know who “Taktik” is…as i’m new to the forum.
So, this doesn’t give me an idea how powerfull it is :lol:

I do know mIRC scripting, guess in some way it would be similair, right ( adding functionality, automate processes )?

Taktik is renoise’s daddy.