A Couple Of Wishes

Just a couple of wishes I believe have been touched upon before, but still…

  1. Waveform display: An additional column per track that displays the waveforms of inserted notes vertically. This column should be hidden by default, but with the option of displaying it by clicking an arrow or icon or some such, similar to additional note and effect columns. Very useful for aligning longer loops. Also, it would be sweet if hovering the mouse above a point on the waveform could display the sample offset.

  2. More ticks per line and expanded delay command. Currently, at a speed of 6 you can only use d0-d5. It would be nice to use e.g. d00 to dXX to be able to insert small timing differences on e.g hits in a drum track, for a more human feel.

  1. already requested. Look for a thread called “waveform display” for one of the discussions about this

  2. How would for example a 0DFF be useful into a 6-ticks row?
    It would just delay the note of FF ticks, which won’t give you more time detail

Regarding nr 2, I guess what I’m saying is that it would be nice to have even smaller increments than ticks, hence 0Dxx. I guess this won’t happen before the speed issue is resolved.

I think number 1 would be a really nice feature… .

of course it would be even greater if the waves you saw were after track fx processing, but I realize that would be almost impossible…

It would be nice if they added a compatibility for MIDI files, then you could replace MIDI with real wavs.


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