A Couple Questions From A Live User

I have a few (probably) basic questions about Renoise. I’m running it (2.5.0b8) alongside Live, not using rewire. I set up a scene on my padkontrol that allows me to start both and keep them in sync with Live’s nudge buttons. For the most part they stay in sync, but I do need to adjust occasionally. Live’s metronome can be routed into my headphone cue. Is there a way to route Renoise’s metronome to a different audio output?

My second question has to do with the reason I gave up on rewiring the 2 programs in the first place. Running Renoise standalone, I can get the behavior I want by enabling the repeat button and launching scenes/muting tracks in the pattern matrix. The new scene will launch after the current scene plays through. When I run Renoise as a rewire slave to Live, a triggered scene in Renoise will immediately launch, instead of waiting for the next downbeat, and Live will also jerk back to the nearest downbeat. Is there a feature I’m missing that will change the launching behavior in Renoise when rewired?


I was able to work around the metronome issue by creating my own click track and routing it to a different audio out.