A few ideas for transport control and the pattern editor


Just a few things I wanted to suggest that could be added as optional behaviours and controls.

  1. A key option that is essentially, stop/record. So if the song is playing, it stops it. If the song is stopped it enables record. Just very quick to use that way.

  2. Advance position to end of pasted content when you paste. Helpful for pasting repeating loops.

  3. Single click to set cursor when not in record mode. Sometimes I use clicking about to navigate before I’ve decided to alter something.

That’s it. Would be nice to see these in if you guys have a chance.


2:Try CTRL+P for continues pasting.

Seems to do the same thing as paste. I haven’t changed the shortcut. In case I’ve been unclear, I’d like the cursor to move down the number of lines that I paste. Ctrl+P did the same as Ctrl+V. Am I missing something?

CTRL+P should be repeatingly pasting the same copied selection block. Do notice:selected block. Not completely selected track or pattern.
If it behaves exactly like ctrl-V, then look up the keyshort cut for continues paste (or some similar phrase) in the keyboard shortcut preferences and see if that option actually has a shortcut.
By default it is ctrl+p, but it is possible to change this manually.

  1. http://tutorials.renoise.com/wiki/Preferences#Plugins.2FMisc (FT Mode for Space Stop/Record Mode. - “FT2: Use the space key to stop the song or toggle Edit Mode if the song is already stopped.”)

  1. http://tutorials.renoise.com/wiki/Preferences#GUI (Single Click to set position in Edit Mode. - "This allows a single left-click in a pattern to move the cursor to that exact position when Edit Mode is on. When Edit Mode is off, it also allows a single left-click to move the cursor to that column without changing the pattern line. A double-click will always move the cursor to that exact position regardless of whether this option is enabled or not. ")

I suggest you try checking what preference options are already available and/or read the manual!

Gak! Don’t know how I missed the FT2 option. But the cursor position thing is not what I mentioned. I said when edit mode is off, set the cursor position with one click. As you can see in what you’ve written, it only sets the column when not in record mode.

Thanks for the FT2 one though!

Doh! Sorry. I personally think it’s weird to give different navigation modes depending on whether Edit Mode is enabled or not! But maybe that’s just me… Even with Edit Mode Off with this setting it will still change your track on a single click, but not your line position. So already a slight difference between that and not having it on at all. Personally I tried the mode for a while and found it far too distracting to have the cursor jumping when I’m only clicking or highlighting…