A Few Ideas

*The spectrum view in v1.28 was better, would you consider changing it?

*I’d like to see dec instead of hex numbers in the top-right instument window.

*Multi output for RNI. It would be extremely nice if you could assign each sample from your drumkit to seperate channels.

*Don’t really know how to explain this but here goes.
When inserting a new track e.g. when the cursor is on track 00 you’ll insert track 08 and the track order will be as following: track 08, track 00, track 01 and so on, wouldn’t it be better if the order was: track 00, 01 ending with track 08?

I hope you understand me.

i guess that won’t be possible, since currently we’re able to use up to 128 slots for samples / instruments, so we’re talking about a hexadecimal range of 00-7F. in the pattern, note entries are related to a two-digit instrument number, 00-7F.
now if this would be changed to decimal numbering, we’d either lose 28 instrument slots, or the devs would have to expand the instrument number column to three digits.

You can drag n drop the tracks afterwards…

Ok, maybe I just have to get used to it.

I wouldn’t mind if the DEC numbers were optional, not everybody use more than 100 instruments.

But :) Some people might wanna use more than 128 samples/instruments so…

how abot that 3 digit expansion?

And you can manually rename them yourself by doubleclicking the trackname.

Nice, just what I was looking for! Thanx…

But still…

yes. The layout of quotes got pretty cool, i agree. :D