A few notes & things

Ive been a registred Renoiser since 1.0, and it impresses me more and more, but there are certain things keeping it from being truly professional.

First and foremost, it lacks audio recording features. I work with vocalists from time to time and it’s a pain having to go back and forth from renoise, and other solutions, rendering constantly every time i want to make changes. It would be nice to be able to make special “vocal tracks” or something, forfeiting the ticks and numbers and notes for a vertically displayed waveform instead. Creating the track would automatically create a new instrument in the instrument list, editable with the sample editor. The audio track instrument could be split into other instruments or kept as is, with quiet parts automatically cleared by renoise to minimise file size.
I realise it’s a hefty ordeal, but it’s really quite necessary imho.

Second, Renoise still doesnt let you input automation/envelope point data manually. It’s truly awful trying to accurately drag an envelope point to 53% when it keeps snapping to 54 and 52. This goes doubly for highly sensitive VSTis where the difference in percentage is immense. I’d actually like to see decimals be allowed for automation through direct data input.

Third, there’s a really shitty bug with the flanger once you pull the frequency down around 1% Sometimes it’ll simply stop oscillating unless you drag it up above 20%, which is often way too fast. This has also happened when using the LFOdevice.

Fourth. This is a little picky :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: is it possible to make 0E0X go faster? I do IDM, and i have to use tiny loops in samples to get the desired squeals sometimes. E01 can make what could have been BZZZZZZZ a slightly duller BURRRRRR. I’m sure some of you know what i mean :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Fifth. Also an IDM thing. Could you add a pattern command pingponglooping the audio played within a tick? The way i have to prolong certain drums right now is through something like this:

01 D#4 0000
02 ------ 0b00
03 ------ 0b01
04 ------ 0b00

It would be nice to just use, say 0b02 for a pingpong loop within that tick, or 0b03 for a reverse loop, 04 for a normal loop etc.
Instead i could do it like this:

01 D#4 0000 0000
02 ------ 0b02 0000
03 ------ 0b02 0402
04 ------ 0000 0000

You can see how much more precise this could be, and how much weirder my beat could get :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

All in all, Renoise today is the low cost solution for IDM and hardcore/broken beat, and it’d be nice to see the features of the program really envelop said genres.

Thanks =)

  • Andreas Sunjammer
    minimum OK / Hardcore Crossbreed records

by raising BPM and speed, you should get enough resolution.

If this is still not enough… well… it is enough, isn’t it? :)

I know :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: i just think it would be cool to be able to push 0E0X further at any speed