A few Questions...

Hi there,

at first please excuse my bad english i hope i can describe my questions that you can understand ;)

Iḿ no Newbe to Dawś in general, i used FL Studio before and can work with it without problems but my passion pulls me back to linux so
i was searching for a native daw that is…affordable ;) (so i won’t chose Bitwig that expensive son of a B*** :D )

After some googling i found renoise and i thought:" Wow… i 've never saw a tracker before"… Maybe because i’m not “old enough”

But there are some Questions that hold me back from buying it…

  1. Is Renoise comparble to a full funktional DAW? (Digital Music Production like Progressive House, Dubstep, e.t.c.)

  2. Are there any possibilities to get full funktional Instruments or do i have to build them all on my own from samplescratches?

  3. How is the Community? (Because i sometimes thought that most of the people on the image-line Forums are assholes :D

I hope that the third question will answer itself if you know what i mean ;) and renoise can get my beloved DAW because i love how easy my workflow can get…

Hey, willkommen, bienvenue, howzit boet, etc.

In answer to your questions from my personal perspective:

  1. Yes if you are only interested in electronic music production and primarily working ‘in the box’ then Renoise is a fully functional DAW. Due to its tracker heritage it is not well-suited / capable of recording multi-channel audio like other DAWs and is therefore not ideal for any applications where that might be necessary. It is generally best to use other tools for recording live / acoustic instruments or hardware synths and then use Renoise for detailed sequencing and sample-mangling of the rendered audio files - which are the two areas where Renoise really excels IMHO.

  2. No you will generally have to build your instruments from scratch using samples, but there is full VST / AU support so you can use any third party plug-ins (both instruments and effects) that you would use in any other DAW.

  3. Time will tell, but it is the internet so a certain amount of douchiness is to be expected. Renoise is quite a varied community with everything from teenage breakcore hipsters to middle-aged demoscene dinosaurs and everything in between with an accordingly diverse range of strong opinions, so ‘lively debate’ is common! That said people are generally helpful, good-humored and willing to share tip, tricks, news, offers, opportunities, etc although its a lot quieter than it was a few years ago.

Anyway enjoy this fantastic music software and don’t take the forum too seriously.

Renoise is all about building stuff.
If you specifically like to build stuff from scratch it is very cool.
If you prefer things to already be there for you to be used, like filters always sounding “nice” and so on, you may have to look elsewhere.

But that’s never an issue, since there are vsts, ultimately it all boils down if you can efficiently work with a tracker or not, you should see if this works for you.

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you may want to try reaper, if you’ve used other daws so much, you’ll be far more efficient with it

I’m a middle-aged breakcore hipster dinosaur myself.

To answer your questions:

  1. No. Or, yes, it’s a “Digital Audio Workstation” in that your computer is a workstation and you use Renoise to make digital audio and, no, Renoise is not well suited for recording a band with more than one person playing a live instrument at the same time; which is the benchmark for what people expect a DAW to actually do.

  2. You can get some instruments from the backstage when you buy Renoise, or by searching the forums for XRNI files when a user posts something (this happens often), or opening other people’s Renoise files (XRNS) and stealing them in true early 90’s demoscene fashion, or build them yourself.

  3. Community is top notch. I’m an asshole though so watch your back.

Community is top notch, and everyone here is a programmer except me.

Willkommen war schon ganz richtig ;) (…was right)

Hooo, thanks for the reply. I musst say i rofled all over the place because oft the dinosaur hipster :D

Yes i want to make Electronic Music alone, maybe with a Guitar getting recorded…

I don’t think that sampling drums and make instruments Mike that is not the problem but what about an normal 3x Oscillator. I just want something that give me the waves so i can do cool effecting ( effecting: geht the holy grail oft sound out of something) and do my own sounds… The OSC thingy is the only thing that prevents my now from buying.

I know there was something namens resynth but this tool doesnt work with r3.0 anymore…
I know that sampling and slicing is the only true way to make music and maybe sometime f**k someones brain out oft bis head (that was a joke OK) :D

But don’t worry i may habe a beard and i war glasses but i think i don’t understand what this hipster-thing actually is… :D

renoise has “12” osc, just load a short single cycle waveform

play around with it, make a 4 sample long sample then set the interpolation to cubic

EDIT: added simple example

“Have” a beard and “wear” glasses i mean…

P.s.: i thought oft getting in lua a bit does it helps me?

Wow this renoise thing gets really exciting…

I feel (ATTENTION!!! Bad Joke ahead) renoised. :D

OMG!!! The possibilitys of doing everything by myself gives me the chance to make new sounds that dont sound like anything before…

I will build now a little,

thanks for your help i think this is true love but time will see ;)

Resynth is gone but honestly with the new modulation system, Wave Gen tool is just fine if not better. It can even morph between 2 waves so you can fiddle with it to get pulse width modulation.

Possibly a more robust solution however is to use a VST synth and Renoise’s “plugin grabber” that converts the VSTi into a Renoise sample based instrument. It can automatically do velocity layers if you set it to, and you get to set the key range and note length and “step” size (step size is how often it renders a sample, like if it’s at 6 it will render a sample every 6 half steps, which is 2 per octave).

So potentially any VSTi you use can become a native Renoise instrument.

I have some instruments in my signature you can check out and you’ll also find many others in the tips and tricks section. Might give you some ideas how to get the sounds you need. :walkman: