A few recent tracks

First real post here. I’m not online very often these days so i’ll just dump my last 4 on you :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Sort of empty but sort of cool for a few seconds. IDMish i suppose.

All out “god damn you” minimalistic dirty speedboogie something.

Quite happy with this one. Minimalist electro/core/idm

Nintendo muzak. People who like that sort of rampant nostalgia, have a gander =)

Some drums and stuff.


  • Andreas SJ
    Minimum OK / Hardcore Crossbreed

Damned exellent!! :)

Spesielt Evig… Yamme!

yey, “evig” kinda kicks butt. exactly the kind of IDM i prefer.
r.d.j. himself would go green with envy whilst listening to this B)
the drums are not VSTi, are they? if they are, please let me know which one they originate from.

push (sqr)² - gj